Click to enlarge Knock Down Gunwale System

Using a modified shiplap joint, we cut a select grade full length white ash gunwale into lengths that can be shipped UPS. These gunwales are drilled and marked for your easy reassembly. Specify gunwale length when ordering. Base price is for 14' Gunwales. 16' ,18', and 20' order below. When measuring your canoe please allow at least 6" extra. (Example: 14' Gunwale will fit a 13'6" canoe) Kit includes 4 gunwales,(enough for one canoe), epoxy,reassembly screws and easy to follow installation instructions. Pricing includes an additional $10.00 charge to shipping costs as "Knock Down Gunwale System" must be shipped UPS Over Size. If gunwales need to be KERFED for Kevlar an additional $12.00 charge will be added.